pURL marketing techniques generate 3-5 times greater response to your email and print campaigns. Capture new leads. Reduce costs. Increase brand awareness.  Maximize conversion.

What is a pURL?

pURL stands for Personalized URL.  It is a web address incorporating some amount of information specific to the recipient.  Most commonly, that element is the recipient's name (for instance, www.socialpoint.org/JohnSmith). When a targeted recipient navigates to their pURL, they are offered specific, relevant content.  Examples include membership drives, donation solicitation, special offers, even basic information about a particular organization's products and/or services. 

Traditionally, companies that offer pURL marketing mandate complex, and often disparate, CRM/Database, Email Marketing and Content Management integrations.  Typical setups result in unique pages for each target recipient.  And while certainly effective, these traditional setups often introduce significant administrative workloads in regards to initial setup, day-to-day administration and long-term maintenance.  What's more, changes to content often results in additional service fees by the hosting firm. 

Social|Point has developed a solution which shatters the traditional model.

With Social|Point, your organization can reap all the benefits of pURL marketing techniques without the hassle and expense of traditional implementations.  The solution is dynamic to any and all recipients you target.. And it is configurable within your chosen Content Management System, allowing you to make content changes in real time to maximize your organization's current initiatives without additional fees.

Whether you want pURL marketing capabilities added to your existing Social|Point solution, to a new Social|Point website, or even built into your existing website's architecture, Social|Point's Dynamic pURL Marketing solution is poised to deliver.

Contact Social|Point today and learn more about how pURL marketing can increase the effectiveness of your initiiatives.