A unified framework for campaign awareness, digital marketing, donation solicitation and social media integration is no longer an option, it's a requirement

Politics is the art of making the impossible, possible.  And the world of campaign politics is unpredictable, ever-changing and volatile. Modern-day political campaigns require disciplined messaging, robust volunteer management, precise segmentation and voter targeting techniques, strategic voter outreach initiatives, modern fundraising capabilities and media relations tools.

Savvy campaigns embrace emerging web technologies and social media tools that inform and mobilize. They track interest and enthusiasm. They leverage voters and key supporters in real time, based on real data.  

Social|Point’s iCatalyst software platform is a powerful, yet easy to manage web solution which provides candidates a visually appealing and engaging constituent management platform. It automates and multiplies interaction. It records key touchpoints and compiles the data both intuitively and attractively.

Other key features include:

  • Flexible, hosted, admin-friendly content management solution allowing for simple creation and editing of text, graphics, video and other website content
  • Social media integration through plugins, buttons, and dynamic interfaces
  • Voter database for compilation, tracking, search, and custom reporting
  • Fully-integrated email marketing and digital marketing framework to spread awareness and reach targeted supporters
  • Online event registration
  • Fundraising tool to collect and process donations online
  • Shopping cart utility allowing for the sale of campaign merchandise
  • Easily mobilize and recruit volunteers with Event Management and Calendar tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics that measure site visits, page visits, web traffic sources, fundraising metrics, email marketing response and more.

Whether you’re running for City Council or State Treasurer, School Board or State Legislature, Social|Point ensures you have the latest campaign technology at your fingertips.

We provide you with a full-technology suite, so you can spend your time more effectively – knocking on doors and meeting with voters.

Learn more about out cutting-edge campaign technology that will result in Election Day success.  Contact Social|Point today.

APEX™: One framework, five perfectly integrated systems...

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A Framework For Success

Social|Point builds more than websites. Your organization demands more functionality and better results. You need a framework with functionality that fulfills strategic goals, and that's Social|Point's specialty since 2003.

Manage Your Site, Your Way

So many systems have complicated or restrictive theme systems to learn if you want to customize a site. With Social|Point, we've turned that on its head - templates, pages and modules are 100% customizable.

Scalable Solutions Your Business can Grow Into

Prefer to start with something basic? Start off with a basic web hosting plan... and then upgrade at any time into a complete solution. Seamlessly.

Professional Infrastructure, Zero Maintenance.

No more headaches about uptime, server updates or installing the latest patches - Social|Point takes care of that. Our solutions are fully hosted and managed, and you get all updates to our solutions automatically.