APEX™: eCommerce, Out of The Box

Selling goods and services is often an important part of an online presence. With APEX™, you've got eCommerce capabilities built right in, so that you can avoid the pain of custom coding and fiddly configuration.

Collect Donations and Service Payments with Web Forms

Not every online business sells products. Perhaps you're a charity that wants to collect donations online, or a lawyer or accountant that simply needs to collect payments for your services. With Social|Point, you can configure Web Forms to securely collect payments for almost anything.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Sell any product you'd like, complete with inventory management, product attributes, and size and weight for shipping. You can also upload eProducts and charge for downloads, limit download location and more.


Want to make an email marketing list of all recent big spenders? Maybe a targeted list based on geographic location, industry or any other data point?  APEX's report generator does it in moments. What about centralized orders and built in CRM? It's all there, straight out of the box.

Search Engine Friendly eCommerce for SEO

Social|Point makes sure you get found by search engines. Our solutions automatically generate a Google Sitemaps XML file, complete with paths to products and more. Also, all online shop URLs contain the product or catalog's name for greater SEO relevance.

Order Management Integrated with CRM

Every order created is linked to a customer record in your CRM system. This allows you to keep a complete history of customer orders, offer customer loyalty bonuses and run targeted email marketing campaigns to your existing customers.

Powerful Analytics, Ready to Go

Social|Point solutions feature built in reports on cart abandonment, product popularity, order volume and more, so that you can analyze and understand how your solution is performing - without adding tracking codes or extra coding.

Import, Export, Migrate

Already have a large product inventory sitting in a spreadsheet or in another platform? Not a problem - Social|Point solutions allow you to import products via a simple spreadsheet format, so you can get started faster.  The same goes for customer records in your old CRM platform, blogs and more. 

Boost Sales with Discounts, Vouchers & Referrals.

With sales tools like discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking and affiliates, you can boost profits and deliver greater bottom line results.

Easy Billing and Shipping Integration

Social|Point solutions automatically integrates with a global range of popular payment gateways and shipping providers.  Custom shipping options can also be added with little effort. 

Automate Revenue Streams with Recurring Orders

As long as your Payment Gateway supports it, Social|Point can enable your solution to sell products that have a built in re-occurrence.