Built upon a network of rich, dynamic professional experience and proven solution expertise, Social|Point is dedicated to a range of Industries and Organization Types


Formulating and launching a new endeavor stretches not only an organization's resources, but its resourcefulness to incredible degrees. 

Choosing a digital engagement and operating framework that is both functional and scalable is perhaps one of the most important considerations. New businesses require a platform that can grow as the business itself grows, with minimal implementation hassle and a low entry cost. Social|Point's iCatalyst™ platform delivers exactly that, proven to streamline management and maximize consumer engagement with superb pricing flexibility. 

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When growth and success are earned only with an engaged, active membership core, Social|Point provides a proven, scalable technology framework and the administrative strategies to use it. From automated membership management to online payments to email marketing, Social|Point has the tools to help keep your members informed, engaged and proud to support the cause.

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Public Office

Politics is the art of making the impossible, possible.  And the world of campaign politics is unpredictable, ever-changing and volatile. Modern-day political campaigns require disciplined messaging, robust volunteer management, precise segmentation and voter targeting techniques, strategic voter outreach initiatives, modern fundraising capabilities and media relations tools.

Savvy campaigns embrace emerging web technologies and social media tools that inform and mobilize. They track interest and enthusiasm. They leverage voters and key supporters in real time, based on real data.  

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There's a common misconception that nonprofits have to sacrifice some combination of design, function or flexibility in order to obtain industry-leading digital engagement and constituent management frameworks. Not true, and Social|Point will prove it.

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Small Business

In today's business environment, even established organizations must adobt a policy of "innovation in perpetuity." Naturally, Social|Point advises clients to incorporate that which has worked in the past. For certain, such components are an integral support within a firm's foundation. But it's equally important to cast one's vision on the future, on strategies and tools which the can accelerate an organization's potential in the marketplace.

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Educational institutions, from pre-school to post-secondary, are perhaps more challenged in today's digital environment than any other organization. Students, parents, alumni and financial supporters demand not only digital savvy and convenience for online initiatives, but fiscal management for classroom tangibles, as well.

Social|Point has years of experience working with education clients of all types, from isolated online initiatives and micro-sites to student applications and book stores to capital fundraising campaigns and alumni engagement.

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Churches and other faith-based organizations demand functionality above and beyond that which a typical digital marketing platform can provide, especially right out-of-the-box.

With years of experience working hand-in-hand with such organizations, Social|Point is poised to ensure a design and user experience fit for each unique congregation. From informative and engaging wesbites, to volunteer and event management, one-time donations and recurring tithing, prayer requests and more, Social|Point helps ensure your organizations remains an important and meaningful aspect of the congregation.

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