Social|Point has developed a revolutionary product for increasing response to your marketing efforts: GreetMe™.  A modern extension of the traditional pURL marketing technique, this process allows for Social|Point clients to email, print or even scribble on the back of a business card your organization's URL with a targeted recipient's name included in the address., for instance.  The resulting page bears a personalized greeting and can automatically begin populating data for your chosen initiative, promotion or eCommerce enabled form. Unlike traditional pURL marketing, which requires extensive setup and budget, Social|Point's solution is real-time dynamic.  Go ahead, modify the link provided with your name in the URL.

With Social|Point's advanced email marketing tools (or your own, if you so prefer), personalized links like this can be delivered to thousands of recipients at one time.  And with Social|Point's variable print partners, they can also be delivered on postcards & letters to traditional, "street side" mailboxes, as well.  And because GreetMe™ is real-time and dynamic, it is a invaluable one-on-one marketing tool.  Imagine you're out of the office meeting with a new prospect.  Just scribble your website URL with their name attached on your business card and hand it off.  Send it via text message.  No matter the delivery vehicle, you can be sure your target will be curious about what's behind that link.

GreetMe can generate up to 500% better response to your marketing efforts

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